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About us

The Karl K�nig Institute for Art, Science and Social Life

is a charitable organisation, registered in Berlin, Germany, with partners in other countries. It provides the legal basis for the work of the Karl König Archive

Its tasks are to support and co-ordinate the work of the Archive, especially editing and publishing the New Edition of Karl K�nig�s works.

Any donations which are not specifically designated for individual projects are used solely for this main purpose.

As �projects� new cultural, scientific and social initiatives that are based on the anthroposophic and holistic intentions of Karl K�nig are encouraged and supported. (see below)

The aims of the Karl K�nig Institute are:

publication of a comprehensive New Edition, making K�nig�s work available to the general public

establishment of subject areas to cooperate with professionals internationally in the process of editing Karl K�nig�s Literary Estate in twelve sections

continuation of Karl K�nig�s research aims

to initiate and support publications and events related to these research areas

to encourage and implement international net- working and co-operation with initiatives and institutions showing similar aims

Long term projects that have been established are:

The Camphill Archive � Dealing with the history and development of the Camphill Movement and with the works of members of Camphill, perticularly the founding group.

The Kaspar Hauser Research Circle, which has as its scientific basis the research material of Herman Pies and Johannes Mayer.

A Friends Association supports the Institute with donations and regular membership contributions, assists with fundraising and many other tasks. New members are always welcome!

A regular Newsletter in German and English keeps readers in contact with events, research and initiatives: newsletter.htm

For more information contact Richard Steel:

Protokoll Mitgliederversammlung, 1.9.2011 in Berlin PDF

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Karl K�nig Institut, Medizim
Medicine and the Study of the Human Being Karl K�nig Institut, Heilp�dagogik
Curative Education and Social Therapy Karl K�nig Institut, Psychologie
Psychology and Education Karl K�nig Institut, Naturwissenschaft
Agriculture and Science Karl K�nig Institut, Soziale Frage
Social Questions Karl K�nig Institut, Camphill Bewegung The Camphill Movement
Karl K�nig Institut, Christentum
Christianity and the Festivals Karl K�nig Institut, Anthroposophie
General Anthropo-
Karl K�nig Institut, Schulungsweg
Spiritual Development Karl K�nig Institut, Geistesgeschichte
History and Biography Karl K�nig Institut, Kunst
Art and Literature Karl K�nig, Biografie
Karl K�nig's Biography